Billy Kidd to Mosely: "I'm Gonna Go Bigger than You Ever Dreamed!"

Steamboat Ski Area has a new face, and it isn't peaking out from under a feathered cowboy hat. Olympic gold-medalist Jonny Moseley is Steamboat's new mountain representative. But what does the current Steamboat Ski Area Ambassador, Billy Kidd, think of the "new kid on the mountain?"

Bily Kidd was seen practicing his new big-air move, the Crusty Muffin.Bily Kidd was seen practicing his new big-air move, the Crusty Muffin.

The Pirate & Yesterday (PY) recently caught up with Billy Kidd (BK) to find out.

PY: What do you think Jonny can bring to the mountain?
BK: Well, I think he will appeal to the Slacker-Games crowd--you know, the Red-Bull generation. But someone still needs to reach out to the "white zin" folks. It's like this: He's MTV, I'm C-Span. I'm a little bit country, he's a little bit rock-n-roll.

PY: So you're more Marie Osmond and he is more Donny Osmond?
BK: Yeah, you could say that.

PY: Have you ever attempted the notorious Dinner Roll?
BK: No, but I'm working on something bigger and better. An inverted, 90-degree-rotation spread eagle. I call it the "Crusty Biscuit."

PY: Have you nailed this Crusty Biscuit you speak of?
BK: Not yet ... I'm still dialing it in.

PY: I see. What part are you still dialing in?
BK: The inverted, 90-degree-rotation part. But I can do a spread eagle, which I renamed the "Crusty Muffin."

PY: What's the most challenging aspect of being Steamboat's mountain representative?
BK: Getting to the top of the gondola everyday by 1:00 p.m. I hate that dang sign. I wish I could just offer up some ski tips from Slopeside during après ski. That would be a lot easier on the old joints. I mean, new joints ... not that I have anything to do with joints. Kids should stay away from drugs, right?

PY: Any words of advice for Jonny?
BK: Sure, two things: A Stetson hat and a one-piece ski suit. They never go out of style, just like Billy Kidd.

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