Utah Launches Countersuit as Steamboat Steals, Barely Modifies Patented Slogan

Written by Alice Fairenwar Friday, 14 November 2014

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The Utah Office of Tourism announced that it is suing Steamboat Ski and Resort Corp. for its new marketing campaign claiming "The Greatest Snow on Planet Earth®", declaring it confusingly similar to the state of Utah's slogan: "The Greatest Snow on Earth®".

Steamboat Spokesperson Billy Child helped unveil a new resort slogan as well as Steamboat's overall marketing strategy: "Suck it, Utah!"Steamboat Spokesperson Billy Child helped unveil a new resort slogan as well as Steamboat's overall marketing strategy: "Suck it, Utah!"

Utah has been marketing "The Greatest Snow on Earth®" slogan, a registered trademark, since 1962. And the phrase has been stamped on Utah license plates since 1985.  Regardless of such "minor trademark details," Ski Corp. Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing Bob Oysterman said that any confusion is absurd: "Everyone knows that Planet Earth is completely different from Earth." 

Steamboat Ski Resort released the following statement: "'The Greatest Snow on Planet Earth®' campaign seeks to differentiate between the two Greatest Snow places in our solar system and promote the fact that there is a distinct alternative to the Greatest Snow on Earth experience. Our intent is to distinguish between Planet Earth and Earth as you would between a town and a city." 

According to Siri L. Sloganstealer, managing director of the Utah Office of Tourism, research has found that nearly half of the country mistakes Utah as home of the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, which also sued Utah for stealing its "Greatest Show on Earth" slogan. The circus was contacted, and they are considering a new lawsuit against Steamboat's nearly identical slogan. 

"If any confusion exists, I think it would concern Utah looking like a washed-up, unimportant circus," added Sloganstealer. "But we are here today to let the country know that Salt Lake is Ski City USA with the Greatest Snow on Earth and not the Greatest Show on Earth in a Ski Town. These are major, major differences. So we have just one original question to ask Steamboat: Where's Your Beef?"

In response to Utah's official statement, Steamboat Resort spokesman Billy Child asked, "What's next? Is Park City going to start promoting 'Sparkling Wine Powder'? Utah can suck my snowballs!"

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