Elementary School Musical Banned from Elementary School; Steamboat Grand Welcomes Outlawed Show

Steamboat Springs School District authorities announced that they are banning the student-run and directed play, Elementary School Musical, from appearing at Strawberry Soda Elementary due to objectionable content they deem unsuitable for young students.

"I looked at the script and saw a few rehearsals," said Steamboat Schools Superintendent Shalee Shuningsham. "Boys and girls were dancing and grinding up against each other. The girls were dressed indecently. And they mention drugs and S-E-X at least a few times. It was horrible.

"I don't believe in censorship," she noted after censoring the production, "but there was no way they were going to perform that show at Strawberry Soda Elementary."

Key members of the production were originally saddened by the news, but the Steamboat Grand quickly stepped in provided a venue for the show, which will take place April 8-10, 2010, at the aforementioned Steamboat Grand. Tickets are on sale now at All that Jazz.

"We were pretty shocked and ticked off at first," noted Hank Goodness, a lead actor and co-producer of the show. "But the Grand called us up and even offered us free milk and cookies, so we were like, 'sweet.'"

When asked about the "controversial content," Goodness didn't think any of it was a big deal. "It's a musical--sort of, so how could we not have dancing? People are going to touch each other a little when dancing. As far as the S-E-X stuff, I don't really understand that, so you'll have to talk to the writer. I haven't taken sex-ed yet, so I'm just reading lines ..."

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