City Council Opens Altering of Yellow Bus Line Route to Public

Although Steamboat Springs City Council voted to continue operations of the beleaguered and expensive Yellow Bus Line, it has taken a new approach toward cutting its expenses.Steamboat's Yellow Bus Line stops at one of its more-popular destinations.Steamboat's Yellow Bus Line stops at one of its more-popular destinations.

"We're taking the discussion directly to the public," said City Council member Kenny Pleaseman. "We need to cut back on some of the less-used stops, and we don't really have a clue which are the good ones and which are the bad. And since we can't pay for studies anymore, we're taking it to the people to decide."

The Yellow Line has taken fiscal heat lately, as it's about five times more expensive to operate, per passenger. Well-known stops include those at Colorado Medical-Marijuana College (CMMC) and the few people on Hilltop who can't walk down the hill. However, other lesser-known stops also are on the "chopping block."

"It seems there are several stops that, for some reason, aren't attracting a lot of use," added Pleaseman. "So we're working with the Pirate & Yesterday to get some local feedback. If there are any stops that seem unnecessary, please let us know. On the other hand, if there are additional stops we should be making, we'll take that into consideration as well."


Current Yellow Line Stops
The city of Steamboat Springs is asking if any of the current Yellow Line Bus stops should be removed from service or if additional stops should be added. Please post any suggestions in the box below.

  Colorado Medical-Marijuana College
Scotty's BBQ
Ben Franklin
5th Street Café
Cajun Connection
TJ's Pizza
Café Blue Bayou
Heavenly Daze Brewery
Intrawest Bank
Steamboat Saloon
Bella's Wine Bar
JC Flicks
Lubin's Restaurant
Lost Dog Saloon
PJ's Restaurant
Swiss Bear
Werner's Storm Hut
Yellow Front
Colorado Country Store
United Bank
Here Comes the Sun
Hilltop Parkway
Video Depot
AIG Insurance
Alpine Savings & loan
Boggs Hardware
The Dorothy Shop
Buddha's Burritos
Ivy's Rotissere Chicken
Horizon's Specialized Services
Heidi's Little Switzerland
Ski Times Square
Harbor Hotel
Nite's Rest Motel
Café Blue Bayou
Chelsea's of Steamboat
Cajun Connection
Totally Board
Curve Grocery
Burger Express
GoFer Foods
Mother's Deli
The Brandywine
The Sidestep
Milner Roadhouse
Big Tuna's
Danny's Hunan Restaurant
Pisa's Downtown Pizza
The F Stop
The Wine Rack
Family Barber Shop
Burger Express
The Inferno
Black Widow Bed and Breakfast
Brenner for State Senate (headquarters)
Cakes & Collectibles
Chase Oriental Rugs
Wolf Den
Crazy Lady Liquor
The Bottleneck
Stagecoach Ski Area
General Motors
The Chart House
Fair Exchange
Yama Chan's
Blimpie' Subs
Toys In The Attic
El Rancho
Sore Saddle Cyclery
Moose's Ark
Inside Edge Sports


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