Medical Marijuana Dispensary Set to Open Pediatrics Wing

Hydro for Health, Steamboat's original medical marijuana dispensary, has announced the opening of a pediatrics wing, the first of its kind in Colorado. "Over the past six months, we've devoted extensive funding to research and development," says Joe Notsinhaelen, primary partner at Hydro for Health. "We think we can fill a void in pediatric medicine and we've developed the products to do it."

Hydro for Health has added a board certified pediatric physician, Dr. Johannes Fuehlgut, to its staff to issue medical marijuana cards to children in need. "We are excited to offer a natural alternative to Ritalin and Concerta," enthuses Dr. Fuehlgut. "In addition to treating children and young adults suffering from ADD and ADHD, we feel we can cut down on the number of students who miss class and end up in the nurse's office with common childhood aliments such as 'headache' or 'stomachache.'" Adds Notsinhaelen, "We also plan to market to young women who suffer from severe cramps. We think parents will embrace medical marijuana as a great alternative to putting their daughter on the pill as a pre-teen."

Hydro for Health is offering a wide variety of products to cater to the pediatric market. "Obviously our youngest clients won't be smoking our product," says Notsinhaelen. In addition to the standard brownies and popcorn (prepared with children's doses), Hydro patients can choose from a wide variety of Cannabis Candies such as Lolly-Pots, Jamaican Fish, Cheech n Chocolate Bars, SinSours, Panama Pudding, Ganja Gummis, and of course, Mary Janes. "We have also developed several other snacks and food products," continues Notsinhaelen, "One of our favorites is Glow-Gurt. It's made with real fruit and glows under a black light." Notsinhaelen goes on to mention Pot-sicles ("The potency isn't diluted by freezing."), and spaghetti sauce made with oregano substitute.

What's up next for Hydro for Health? "We are working with a research company in Denver on a THC extract for use in Cheeba Chewing gum, much like the nicotine gums available on the market. Along that same line, we plan to offer a marijuana patch starting in June," replies Notsinhahelen. "The patches will rub on like temporary tattoos and carry slogans promoting responsible use such as, 'Safety First.'"

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