Steamboat Sheriff Suggests Department 'Go Green'

New Slogan: "Ride a Horse, Save a Sheriff"

In an effort to create a "green" Steamboat, Routt County Sheriff Stoned Wall Jackson has proposed that the police force consider alternative, fuel-efficient modes of transportation to conduct routine police duties.  Wall hopes that by "going green," less-harmful air pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions would be produced in our beautiful Yampa Valley.

"I think it would be terrific if we examined all the eco-friendly possibilities, such as police cars fueled by biodiesel or even alternatives that may be considered outside the box" stated Wall.  He continues, "Because I like to lead by example, I currently have been partaking in some field testing of my own by carpooling, riding the bus, and even hitchhiking while on duty."

Sheriff Stoned Wall Jackson on his trusty steed, Fool's Gold.Sheriff Stoned Wall Jackson on his trusty steed, Fool's Gold.

According to Wall, Steamboat can learn from our neighbors up north.  "For instance, take a look at Canada.  Canada's national police force, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, uses horses to provide police services and law enforcement throughout its country."  Wall notes the potential benefits from using horses to patrol Steamboat: "Not only are the methane emissions from horses a much smaller contributor to global warming, but the use of horses would continue to promote that quintessential Western town that Steamboat prides itself on."

When asked about the obvious negative impact associated with this horse-driven alternative, Wall responds that the "residual" left behind from the horses would only make Steamboat smell more "western" and add to the town's unique charm that tourist have come to love.

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